Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday Sketch (Finally), & Stamper's Club project to Boot! Plus Yea Tucker!!

O.K. I took both these pictures one with flash and one without flash. The one with flash is sharper, but the one without flash is more vibrant colors like it is in real life.
I am putting a Disclaimer on this project from the start. I am not really into witches and such for Halloween I usually stick to the more friendly images, but this stamp just seemed perfect for the sketch and I needed an image to go up there so it would match the sketch!
Also you can not see what the green purse says in the picture, but it says Trick or Treat on the green purse hanging from the twine. Hope you enjoy the project!
I used several Stamp sets for this Stampation. I got to play around with some of the Water Color Techniques they showed us at Regional's.
They showed us we could Water Color using Aqua Painter's and 6 different mediums:
Craft Ink, Classic Ink, Markers, Pastels, Water Color Pencils, and Water Color Crayons.
Now I would never have thought to Water Color with the Markers or the Pastels (Chalks), but they do look nice and this card s done with H2O and the Markers
3D Shadow Box Halloween Card
Stamp Sets: SU - Sanded Background, Home is Where the Haunt Is (Fence, House, Witch), Bitty Boos Too, ( the hanging Trick or Treat Purse stamp), Autumn Harvest, (the Pumpkin stamps). A couple of these stamp sets are retired, but most of my Halloween stamps retired last year. They have a ton of new Halloween sets I really want both in the Mini Catalog, and the Full Catalog as well!
Inks: SU - Green Galore -M, Garden Green -M, Lovely Lilac -M, Perfect Plum -M&P, Elegant Egg Plant -M&P, Summer Sun -M&P, Yo Yo Yellow -M, More Mustard -M, Close to Cocoa -M, Chocolate Chip -M, Whisper White -P, Basic Black -M
Marker =M, Ink Pad = P .
Paper: SU - Lovely Lilac, Whisper White, and Yo Yo Yellow Card Stock.
Accessories: Tool Kit, Sponge Daubers (For Sky, Moon, and Ground),
Aqua Painters (for Pumpkins),
Post it Notes (for Reverse Masking the House to sponge the sky and ground, I stamped the House onto the Post It then cut out the house and put it over the stamped house in the project, so I could sponge the sky and ground and not get it on the house :-o)
Twine, Black Embossing Powder (for Fence and Pumpkin Face), Heat Gun, Craft and Rubber scissors, Paper Cutter, and Scoring Tool, 1 1/4" circle punch for the moon. Snail Adhesive, and Stampin Dimensionals.
O.K. This card helped me Accomplish 3 things. I have Stamper's Club starting back up for the new 10 month Cycle on Sunday and I need to get 3 projects designed so Purpose #1, I have promised myself I am going to do Lauren Meaders Saturday Sketch Challenge every week, (this week it is a little late, but I was at SU regional's on Saturday. so Purpose #2, I wanted to try some of the cool techniques they taught us at Regional's and this let me use a couple of them! so Purpose #3
I had a lot of fun doing it too! :-D
Now for some fun Family News:
Tucker is walking! He took about 4 steps on Thursday night last week, and then on Friday he went to the Farm while Mommy and Daddy got away for the weekend. They say he walked a few steps here and there over the weekend, and then Yesterday he walked from the Middle of the Living Room to the Middle of the Kitchen, which if you know my house that is quite a ways. I have been trying to get some video of him Walking while he is still doing the unsure of himself wobbly walk! (cause they are sooooooo cute when they are in that stage!)
Today all I got accomplished until bedtime that is, was to go behind him and clean up his messes. While I was cleaning one mess he was off making the next! The biggest one was the entire glass of milk he dumped on the floor while reaching up to our table on his tippy toes. That splattered about 8 feet in ever direction. While I was cleaning up that mess he was unfolding all the Laundry I had just folded to put away! Uuugggghhhh what fun we are in for! I think I miss my baby who just sat there and played for so many months! :-)
Well I guess this is all for today. Tomorrow I go to help out in Piper's Class (hopefully I will get to meet the Teacher this time! Plus the rest of that Routine, Taking Willow to Preschool, Dropping Tucker off at a friends while I go help in Piper's class then going back across town to pick up Willow and coming back across town to pick up Tucker, then run a few errands and then go back across town again to get them home and down for naps before Piper gets home from School, then reading books, getting super ready, then getting the girls ready to go to church for Wednesday night Kids Caravan, then starting the whole bed time routine! So before I know it, it will be this time again tomorrow, and I need to get my house ready for Club on Sunday, and get 2 more Projects designed and all 3 projects cut and ready for the club girls to do. So needless to say the rest of the week is going to be Crazy!
I will try to post some pictures of Tucker Walking in the next couple of days!
Have a Great Night.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Some of my Scrapbook pages and Photoshop Creations

I decided just now as I looked at the blog, that with all we had going on last week I never got to post any samples of my Stampations. I am working on a few things I started today, but they will not be done until later so I am putting some of my past Stampations on for you to see. The above Scrap Book page was one of our Stamper's Club projects from last year. It was a back to sch
ool page, and since Piper had her very first day of Kindergarten I used those pictures..
Pipers First Day of Kindergarten Scrapbook Page
Ink: Buckaroo Blue, Versamark, Basic Black, More Mustard, Real Red, Going Gray
Paper: Real Red 12x12 SU CS, Wild Wasabi CS, More Mustard CS, Brocade Blue CS, the Primary Colors Simply Scrappin Pack from last fall. I scanned all the stickers, and printed them out on white Card Stock so that I did not have to buy a million of the packs for my Club members to do this page.
Punches and Accessories: Sm. and Lg. Tag Punches, (on the tag punches I stamped the year stamp and circled August, and the month calendar stamp and circled the 16th so we know when the pictures were taken.) Round Tab Punch, Spiral Punch, Crop-a-Dile, White Gel Pen (for the sewing on the blue part at the bottom of the page), Matte Pack also used to punch holes for the sewing. Twine.
Stamp Sets: Elementary Essentials, It's a Date, and Define your Life. (the stamp in the lower right hand corner is the definition stamp for Memories.
These are pictures of some of my gorgeous Iris's. I made this card for all the Mother's in Our life's last year. I did this card in Photoshop. If everything goes well this winter I should have about 25 colors of Iris's next spring! A Halloween Card we made in Club. The little kid dressed as a Ghost spins back and forth on the card. It uses the Booglie Eyes set, and Spooky Skyline wheel Paper is Pumpkin Pie, Green Galore, Whisper White, and Lavender lace. The ribbon is Elegant Egg Plant. All supplies are SU. This is the scrapbook page I talked about the other day that I took Piper's Dress to make the paper. Notice upper right hand corner I used the lace on her dress to make that paper, and lower left bottom of paper are squares of that same lace, On this one I took the Santa Suite and mad the Paper with that print.
Well I have a bunch of unpacking and cleaning to do, so I hope to be back later tonight to post Tucker's New Big News and some pictures form Regional's!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

O.K. Back from SU Regionals!

We got back tonight. I can not wait until tomorrow so I can stamp something! My DH and I stayed in Kansas City Friday night and Saturday night and today drove around 7 hours to get our kids picked up and get back home from KC. The time away was nice, however I did more sleeping then anything! I guess I have just been worn out with the 3 little kids to take care of!
My Husband said wow you must be worn out as much as you wanted to sleep?
We had fun, I learned a ton (no really a ton) of things while I was there! I am jazzed to get creating!
I'll share more tomorrow and the next day!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Off to SU Regionals! Yea!!

Hi All, I have not had the opportunity to stamp at all this week with the company, and such, and now I am getting ready to take off for Regionals in Kansas City for Stampin Up! Yea I will do Lauren's Saturday Sketch and get some new stuff posted both about Stamping, and about the kids ect... Tucker has some big news to share when I get back! My Mom and her husband took the kids up to the farm for the weekend instead of Marianne coming here, so I am a little nervous with all three of my kids being in someone else's vehicle with out me, and it is my first time to be away from Tucker, but I am going to be fine, and it will be fun! So tonight all 3 of my kids will have both grandma's and Poppy's to play with all at the same time, with out parents this will be a first for them! :-) Love to All, and have a great weekend! Heather

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tag...You're it! Well, I've been tagged by one of my fellow bloggers! (whose blog I found very recently and have added as a blog I follow because I love her stuff!) I haven't played tag since I was a kid, what fun!!
  • I was tagged by Jami at Stamp Happy Blog: http://westamphappy.blogspot.com/ She is awesome she designs for Our Daily Bread who have wonderful religious stamps and sayings! - be sure to check out her blog and leave her some love!
  • OK, here we go...Tagging Game Rules:
  1. 1. Link your tagger and list the rules on your blog 2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog some random, some weird.
  • 3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
  • 4. Let them know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogSo, here you go...Seven things about me you never knew .. So, hopefully after hearing all that, you still like me and you'll keep coming back. I decided to tag 7 people whose blogs inspire me, or I am close to personally, (not that being close to them does not mean their blogs do not inspire me) ha ha ha!!!!
  • Stop by their blogs, tell them I sent you, learn a little about them, and show them some love!! We all love positive comments right???
  • So Here they Are:
  • Tasha my wonderful neighbor, who helps me in a million ways, and is also a soon to be down line with Stampin Up. We started our blogs about the same time! http://tashasdesignworld.blogspot.com/
  • My Good Friend Emily (who also has helped me in a million ways!) She just started her blog today so I am not sure how far along it is. But all the same she could use some encouragement. She got me into blogging by telling me about this girl named Lauren Meader who's blog she read every day! http://emily-buzzyblogger.blogspot.com/
  • Melissa at Pink Cat Studio because I love her stamps and she is fun to talk to! http://www.pinkcatstudio.blogspot.com/
  • Kristin from - Mindless Creativity, I found her blog this weekend, and she is also very cute and fun to chat with (on e-mail, and comments on blogs) She has some fun creative stuff to see on her blog! http://kristinscrafts.blogspot.com/
  • Tanya at Tanya's Stamp and Things - I recently found her blog as well and she has some cool samples and interesting projects to see on her blog too! :-)
  • http://tanyastampsnthings.blogspot.com/
  • Melanie at M & M Farm life. (She is my sister-in-law, I had to tag someone in my family!) http://mmfarmlife.blogspot.com/
  • Karen Barber she is this wonderful artist, I just love reading her blog. She does not post as often as I would like to read her (cause reading her blog always brightens up my day!!!!)She does the black magic technique, and it is just wonderful! You have to check her out! Go back a ways like starting in November for the black magic tutorial I think! http://karenbarberstamps.blogspot.com/

Now for the 7 things about me you, might now know???

  1. I really really want 4 kids. I always have since I was a little girl. It is a true burning desire for me. Not yet since tucker is only 14 months old, but I still want 1 more
  2. I have loved stamping since I was a young child and got my first hello kitty stamp set. It was tiny and came in this little suite case the size of my hand.
  3. I have always wanted to Sky Dive, but have never had the opportunity yet.
  4. When I was a little girl I always thought I would be a missionary over seas, but that is not the path my life has lead me in yet.
  5. I have a Barbie Collection (not the every day Barbie's the high end Barbie's that have never been out of the box. I have about 50 of them like the Gone With the Wind Series, the Marilyn Monroe series, the Masquerade Ball series, and many more....I collected them during college and until I got married, but I have not bought any since we got married. Most likely that is because that is about the time I started scrap booking and crafting and my Barbie money went to that instead!!! he he he!
  6. When I was in 7the grade I decided I did not like the name Heather so I went by the name Lynnette ( my middle name) The problem was I was so used to being called Heather half the time when my teachers called on me I did not realize they were talking to me! I was an army brat and moved 31 times before 13 so it was easy to change my name at a new school. We moved to Hawaii next and I went back to Heather there! :-)
  7. I went to boarding school when I was 16 and completed 2 years of High School in 1 so in 3 years of High School I went to 4 different schools. I graduated from a school I spent 1 semester at. However I stayed her and have now lived her for 17 years! Ha Ha

Well there are some interesting facts about me, now head out to the other girls blogs and show them some love to! :-)

Hope you enjoy the tag game!


Monday, September 22, 2008

A Few of our Club Projects from the last 2 years.

Here is a Scrapbook Page I made last year, it was not a Club project, but I thought you might enjoy it. I actually made this Digitally thru Photo shop. I had so much fun doing it! I love Willow's Bathtub pictures with the old fashioned bathtub, and a friend and I made the clothes line to put behind the bathtub. We also went and bought the large clear Christmas bulbs to look like bubbles. They were so much fun!

All images on this blog can be viewed larger by clicking on them.

Here is the 2nd page of the layout. You can do so much with Photo shop. In another layout I did for Piper when she was this age. I actually took a piece of her Christmas dress and made it into the paper for the scrapbook page. It was so sweet! I made this card for a workshop one of my Down lines and I do during SAB people come and make 50 cards. This year we had 22 different designs we each designed 11 of the cards. We each also earned over 20 stamp sets with our SAB earnings for this workshop and a lg Scrapbook workshop we also do during SAB. It was so much fun to go thru the catalog and pick all the sets we had been wanting and then ordering them with our earnings! We also earned a ton of other supplies as well! If you want to see another card that I used the same color scheme and general layout on go to my Post titled One of My Very Favorite Cards. It is one of my first posts on this blog. We tried to make 2 cards that shared the same colors so we could save on some of the paper and not have to order a ton of extra paper we did not need. So each card had one that matched it's color scheme. This card I designed for Stamper's Club last April. It was Water and Fishy themed that month. The turtle slides to the left, and the two fish slide towards each other, and then away from each other. It was a fun card to design. This card I designed for a friend when she had her baby boy. I was pretty new at it then and now I would have colored the baby in.
If you want a recipe for any of the cards let me know and I will get it for you! :-)
  • Hi All,
  • I hope you had a good weekend. I lost my voice yesterday and had a really sore throat, but today I feel much better.
  • My Mom is here from Colorado for a few days to visit the kids, then they will leave Friday and Marvin's Mom will come, and we will leave for Kansas City so I can go to Stampin Up Regional's . I am really looking forward to it. I have never been to an SU convention, Leadership, or Regional Event so it should be fun! Oh and yes I am looking forward to the weekend away with my Husband to! Tucker is almost 15 months and we have never left him anywhere so it will be nice to have a weekend away! I did not get a chance to create anything today. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head, but with the busy week, I may not get much Stamping time.
  • That is O.K. because I have enough samples in my sample box to share with you for probably a months worth of posts! Ha Ha ha. So I will give you a few of them now.
  • Have a very Wonderful Week!
  • Heather

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Card - A 2nd Saturday Sketch Project 1st one is one post below

For this card I chose SU CS in Pink Passion, Pixie Pink, and Pretty in Pink.
I got out one of my favorite SU Baby sets, Welcome Little One, and the sentiment is
SU's Warm Words
I used SU Punches Scallop Square, and 1/2" Circle, and an unidentified elegant corner rounder
I used my SU Coluzzel to cut out the lg Circle the baby is on.
I distressed the edges of the circle with Passion Pink Ink.
I embossed Cherish in shiny Silver embossing powder
  • This Morning I found out some friends had welcomed their baby girl 3 weeks early this weekend. I needed to get a Baby Card done, and I thought why not follow the sketch from yesterday. It was super easy to do I already knew what the card was going to look like I just had to pick out different colors and stamps. Maybe we should all use our sketches more? We could get more done faster when in a hurry????

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Sketch Time

For some reason the colors are off on both of these. The first one I scanned, and the second one I took a picture of in the sun light, but they are both off? The dark green is a prettier bright green, and the shimmery silver paper never does show up in pictures, but it is really pretty too! You can see here the deminsion better than in the scanned copy above. Lilly is put on with Stampin Deminsionals, and the butterfly wand (don't you just love the butterfly?) pops out even more. The sentiment "Sparkle" is embossed in shiny silver.

  • I am pretty excited because this card accomplished several things for me.
  1. I wanted to do Lauren Meader's Saturday Sketch. I am going to try to do it every Saturday. I have found out this week, that if I take time to get creative and do at least one Stampation I am more energized to clean, do laundry, play with the kids ect..
  2. I have been wanting to do a Monochromatic Card lately. This one is mostly Green's, but as Silver is my favorite color I added a little of that in as well.
  3. I have really wanted to use my Dress up Lilly and Dress up Billy sets more. They have been sitting there un-inked for far to long! (I just love Melissa over at Pink Cat, she is so nice and easy to talk to (e-mail) she also lets you Name the stamp sets what you want so like I gave Willow Dress Up Willow for her birthday because Lilly reminds me so much of my happy little 4 year old Willow) Tucker has Dress up Tucker as well!)
  4. I especially have wanted to make a Tinker Bell with the Lilly Stamp because I have a Scrapbook page I am working on that makes Lilly Snow White, Tinker Bell, and Cinderella, because I am putting pictures of the girls playing dress up on it.
  5. It just plain got my creative juices flowing! Plus Green is my 2nd favorite color (ha ha if you can not already tell that by my blog!)

My Recipe for this Card

Hop on over to Lauren's site to see the Original Sketch here:


  • One of these days I am going to figure out how to copy the sketch and put it on here. Tasha did it so I am sure if I just ask she will help me on that one.
  • O.K. I used SU CS colors Glorious Green, Green Galore, Gable Green, and Shimmery Silver Card Stock.
  • I used my SU markers in Black, Blush Blossom, Apricot Appeal, Green Galore, Glorious Green, Gable Green, Garden Green, Yo Yo Yellow, and Pretty in Pink to color in the fairy.
  • I used SU punche to punch out 1/2" circles to make the scalloped edge. I was inspired to do- that because Lauren had trouble making the scallop edge on her sketch and it looked like circles on top of each other so I liked the circles look. I just like using circles period. I played around with taking the circles all the way around the card, and even just taking them a little bit further over the corners and onto the top and bottom of the card, but neither looked right so I just stuck with leaving them on the left side only.
  • I used an unidentified elegant corner rounder to do the corners of the Gable Green layer
  • I used my Marvy Corner Rounder to do the Glorious Green layer.
  • I took my SU shimmery silver paper and punched 6 of the New SU Scallop Square punches to make the rectangle behind the fairy.
  • I used my colluzel to cut out the green galore circle the fairy is on, and I distressed the edges of that circle with Glorious Green Ink.
  • I put SU Silver Glitter on the wings, and I put Dazzling Diamonds glitter in Lilly's Hair.

I hope you enjoy it, it was fun to make!

Check out all the other Saturday Sketch girls projects from the links on Lauren's Site!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just another Day

In this one Willow has on her Pink Cowboy hat, and Piper has on her lavender Cowboy hat. The Horse is one I played with when I was a little girl. I remember when My Mom had to give it new hair because its mane was getting pretty ragged! I picked fluorescent orange yarn to go with the regular orange yarn so you can see the two colors of hair in it's mane.
Here Piper has the Green Shirt, Grace her best friend and next door neighbor is in the Purple, and Willow is in the white. When we are places together people often think they are all mine, and Piper and Grace are twins. Not sure why must be the blond hair they all have. Here are Piper and Gracie, Piper is at that stage where she does not always smile the best for me. I tell her to imagine she is playing and having fun and smiling then, sometimes it works and others not so much. Piper, Grace, and Breanna, She moved down the street in December. Breanna, and Grace have brothers that are the same age. Piper and Willow, Willow has really lost that Chunky look she has really slimmed down. Makes me sad!!!!
Today? Well, it has just been another day in the life of our Brood.
Piper went to school, Willow went to Pre-school, Tucker played with Mommy a lot, There were meals, and naps, and Laundry, and cleaning (not as much as there should have been), and I was not feeling particularly creative. I am not sure why because the last few days I have been very creative, but not today. I had a headache so that might have been part of it.
. With the addition of Pre-school into our lives I do feel like we have to run around more than I like to.
. I am one of those Stay at home Mommy's that really does like to stay at home. I am not a huge shopper, or into tons of activities, the kids play so well together that we do not really need to be on the go all the time, So I think running somewhere every day this week has just taken some oooomphhh out of me????? Not sure? I did however have an enjoyable day just playing with the kids and spending time with them, and watching them interact, et.... Maybe when they are older and not so many in Car seats ect.. It will be easier to go places and not as much work for Mommy! Then I may go out more!! :-)
. Tomorrow Marvin will leave town for a wedding of a High School Friend. It is an all day affair, and in two different towns so we felt that it might not be the best thing for the kids. So I am staying home with the kiddo's. He will stay up there tomorrow night and be home Sunday late morning or early afternoon I imagine. It is our week to teach the (man I almost said the 2's and 3's, but now it is the 4's and 5's WOW! They are growing up so fast! I truly treasure every minute I have with them!!!!! So anyway I am going to go and teach since he will be gone.
. Monday my Mom and her Husband will be here to see the kids for a couple of days, and then next Friday (if I can get out of the call time I accidentally signed up for that day uuuuugggghhhh!!!!!!) Marvin and I are going up to Kansas City, if it works out we will be by ourselves Friday night, Saturday I am going to a Stampin Up Regional Demonstrator Workshop from 9am to 4pm, then we will have Saturday evening to ourselves, and Sunday Morning to ourselves and then we will come home Sunday afternoon. Marvin's mom will come down to watch the kids for us to get away. We were supposed to go away in August for a couple of days for our Anniversary, but one of the kids was sick, and it did not work out. So this will be our Anniversary get away.
. Well, I think I have rambled on for to long now. If I happen to get creative later I will post something cool, but for now I am going to post some pictures of the Kiddo's playing Cow Girl the other evening! The were having so much fun. The found 3 pairs of Cow Boy Boots at the neighbor's two of which were literally falling apart, and for hours they played with their stick horses and were cow girls. Their imaginations are very developed! Right now as I write Grace, Piper, and Willow are in the Background playing "Life" they are Mommies that have to teach school, and work at the Hospital, and Garden and take care of their houses. (imitation of their mommy's)
. Hope you enjoy the Pictures, It was a fun evening!
. Heather

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Card for the August SCS Wicked Challenge

I enjoyed doing the Wicked Challenge so much earlier that I decided to try my hand at the August Wicked Challenge as well. The August one was the first one ever.
Before that there were Demo Challenges, but they were not so tuff and only incorporated one thing not 2 or 3. On this one I got the
Color Challenge - Tangerine Tango, Kiwi Kiss, Perfect Plum, and More Mustard
and the
Sketch Challenge - I have been trying to figure out how to copy and paste a sketch so you can see it, but have not been able to do it yet, it looked like my card above except I added the double oval, it only had one oval, I added the torn edges on the Mustard piece, and the corner punch ends on the Tangerine piece.
This was my first time to use my new Sock Puppet Monkey Stamp set. I really had fun with him. I embossed him (his edges, he is a hollow stamp) anyway I embossed him, and the banana, in Copper it looks pretty cool in person and really pops him out. I had to change my whole color scheme when I got done embossing because the color I had planned to have him on did not show case the copper as well as the Kiwi Kiss paper did. I saw a card done by one of the Dirty Dozen Team on Split Coast. This month the Dirty Dozen girls are doing things all about Rainbows. She colored the Monkey in all rainbow stripes it was a really cute card. I may have to CASE that one!
Well off to finish the last part of the Challenge. The Technique Challenge was Moon Lighting. If you do not know what that is I will show you on my next post after I finish the card! :-)
P.S. No one is leaving comments, I like feedback it helps me know what to do different or better next time, so do not be afraid to comment! (Don't get to mean though!:-))

My Split Coast Stampers SU Demo Challenge - Wicked Cards

I have decided that every day during Nap time I am going to try to get one Stampation done, be it a Scrap book page for our Albums, or a Card to send out, or a Card or Gift Item to keep in my stash for future use.
There are daily challenges on Split Coast Stampers web site
you can do so today I did one of the Challenge Cards. If you are an SU Demonstrator you can get to areas of the site no one else can see and they have challenges just for Demo's.
Last month they started a new kind of Challenge called Wicked Challenges. These are challenges that incorporate more than one challenge into each project.(They also call it that because if you do all the challenge you are wickedly talented :-))
The 3 Challenges they offer are
Color Challenges - where you are given 3 or 4 colors you have to use on your project.
Sketch Challenges - Where there is a pattern on the card you have to use, like 2 squares, and a circle, and a flower and your card has to have all those on it in a certain order.
Technique Challenges - where you have to use a certain one of the cool techniques on your card.

So for this particular card I did the Color Challenge using SU colors Baja Breeze, Sahara Sand, Not Quite Navy, and Kiwi Kiss. I also did the Sketch challenge which looked something like the front of my card except the butterfly was a circle and where the twine is was an X.

Lastly I did the Technique challenge. It was called a Spring (like a real bed spring) Card. To view the U-Tube tutorial on how to do this fun technique go here:


It is a fun little video to watch.

So the spring technique makes the card open and spring shut and it also makes the butterflies (just what I chose to put on the end of the springs) look like they are flying.


I have another one I am going to try tonight. This one was the September Demo Wicked Challenge, the other one I want to try is the August Demo Wicked Challenge.

Hope you like the card, let me know what you think!



Stepping on the Scale

O.K. I just have to share this. This morning after I got out of the shower, and was giving my 1 year old his cereal while the 4 yr old was playing in the kitchen still in my bathrobe I decided to step on the scale. . My Willow very observant and wise beond her years that she is piped up.
  • "Oh, so I get it the scale only goes all the way up when Grown Ups step on it"
. A little shocked and maybe even a tiny bit depressed as to what that comment really meant in a grown ups mind, I laughed and said "Oh Willow you are so funny you make me smile."
  • She said "No really mom I mean when I get on the scale it stays at the bottom, but when you got on it it went all the way to the other side"
. Kids say the darndest things don't they. . I was actually kind of happy because the scale was several pounds closer to the Zero mark than it has been, but she changed my whole outlook pretty quick! . Gotta Love Em' . . Heather

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our "All Punched Out" Club Stampations

One of our months for Stamper's Club I taught the many ways you can use your Paper Punches. Below are the 4 Projects we did that month. If you want tutorials on any of my cards let me know I have tutorials done for all of them.
The Umbrella Card was made using the Colluzel cutting system, and the 1 3/8" Circle punch. The handle is colored wire, and the jeweled brad at the top of the umbrella was set with the Crop-a-dile. It was a fun spring card!
I loved the Popsicles Punched out with the Key Tag Punch, and the Scallop Circle punch. The Beach Balls were punched with the 1 3/8 Circle punch several punches to get those. Popsicles up close This purse card was so much fun to make! I had a ton of fun just picking out the 4 patterned papers to coordinate with each other! The punches used for the purse are the Round Tab punch for the purse, and the 3/4" square punch for the purse flap, and the Crop-a-Dile to set the jeweled brad onto the purse flap. I used colored wire to make the purse strap.
Used 1 1/4" square, and 1 3/8" square punches to make the mattes behind the purses.
I also taught these Onsie/Baby Outfit cards for our Punched Out Club. I love the little red dress I designed, It was easy to change the shape and add a skirt to the card when you get creative you can come up with so many cool ideas!
  • I got the original Onsie Card Design from Lauren Meader's Blog (click name for link) she has a tutorial on them and it is copy writed by her. I love, love, love, my little Penguin Outfit I designed!
Here is a closer look at the Outfit cards. Some of my stampers club members went home and changed it up even more to make T-Shirts, Cock tail Dresses, and more.

Some of our Stamper's Club Stampations

This card is on her blog under Seedling Sunset. I had so much fun doing it! Every one you do turns out different than the last one.
I designed this card for our last month of Club.
We did Michelle Zindorf's Brayer technique. http://zindorf.blogs.splitcoaststampers.com/
I am not sure what part of her blog this will take you to, but go to her heading called Tutorials and you can learn how to do hundreds of cards. She posts a new tutorial every day. I designed this one, but the other card I am going to post was a copy of her tutorial.
I have one other card to post from this month of club. This technique is so awesome and it allows you to have gorgeous elegant cards that look like water color paintings!
I love the pin wheel cards! This was the first design I played with the technique on. When you open it the little girl is on a Scallop Circle punch and has a present and Party hat on. This Card was for Father's Day. I saw somthing along the lines of this and took it changed it up and made my own design. I came up with the idea to use the Flannel Plaid background to make the Plaid shirt. The inside of this card is really cool to, but I will not post that since I have lots of other samples. This card taught the Club girls how to do the reflection/Mirror image technique. You take acetate, or projector sheets and stamp your image on them. Then you turn it upside down and rub the image onto your paper under the image on your card. This way it looks like a reflection of the image on the card. I had a lot of fun designing this one!
  • Today I am going to post some of our Stamper's Club Stampations we did this last year in club.
  • I am ready for Club to start back up.
  • Club allows me to get out for a few hours a month where I am not a Mommy, Wife, or Nurse. I get to be Heather! It is a great avenue for me to create, design, and take a little time for me! So with no further adue here are some Club Designs. I will post more designs later. ; )


Helping in Piper's Class :-) :D

  • It was a busy morning. Today was the first time I was scheduled to help in Piper's class. I am going to try to help in there the 1st and 3rd Wednesday's, but it will be somewhat hard because I have to beg, borrow, and steal babysitting help just so I can go. I have 3 or 4 people I can ask, but I hate to do it because they all have things going on, or it is their only day off each week, ect....
  • I do want to be able to be somewhat active at the school so I can kind of figure out what is going on. Piper has a teacher this year who has sent absolutely no correspondence home. She has not told us one thing about her expectations, what they do in class, instructions for any home work, or any other news. I guess she just expects that the kids will tell, us, but let me tell you if you do not have a kid in school yet, they tell you precious little about their day.
  • I used to think this was weird when the Neighbor boy said he did not know what he did in school, but I have found that was not weird, but normal! Piper gets home 15 min after school gets out, and already remembers nothing from her day???????
  • So anyway I was looking forward to going and getting to meet Piper's teacher, and see how her room runs. Guess what no Mrs. Sorrell, she was in meetings! So she left me a note of what to do and there was a sub there who was nervous because she had never taught 1st grade, and she was a retired Gym teacher, and she had never subbed at Union Valley before (she seemed to do fine though). So when I got there Piper was at recess and I had go downstairs and do about 80 die cuts for the room.
  • Now back to the beginning of the day. I know these sweet kiddos will never have any idea of what we do for them!
  • I got up got Piper ready and off to school. Then I had to rush to get myself and the other two ready. Then I took Willow to Pre-school took her in and got her settled, rushed back to our house grabbed something for Tucker, then took Tucker next door for Tasha to watch him.
  • Then I left for Piper's class. I got there found out there was no teacher today and went down stairs to do the list of die cuts.
  • I had to die cut 25 black bats, and 25 orange pumpkins. Now the PTO provides the teachers with all these huge and small rolls of sticky vinyl in many many colors. You have to cut the sheets down several ways to get them to run thru the die cut machine. Then you cut in pieces to place on the die cut and do each die 3 times so it will cut well. I did all that and proceeded on to the Black letters The State Fair Winners. I got all the letters done and thought well I still have 30 min I can observe things in Piper's class. Then I went to stack the letters and realized when you die cut the letters they are backwards and you have to turn the vinyl paper upside down or the letters are facing the wrong direction! Uuuuggghhhhh!
  • O.K. this would not have been so bad, but I was in the basement of the school and I was so hot I thought I might pass out. I had been sweating a lot for the last 20 min thinking I can not take this heat much longer. I am not sure why it was so hot, (a am a cold blooded person so it has to be really hot for me to be sweating and feeling faint!) So now I needed to re cut and re do all the letter dies.
  • Life is so funny sometimes! Like I said before our little kiddo's have no idea what we do for them! They have no idea all the sacrifices and hula hoops we jump thru to be there for them! I would not change it for the world though! So I re did the letters that took 20 more minutes and I got up stairs 10 min before they had to leave for lunch. Piper was upset because she knew I was going to help today and since she was at recess when I got there and it took so long to do all the die cutting I only was in her room with her for 10 min. I told her I had been there for a long time already, but I do not think she believed me! :-)
  • So then it was back to pick up Willow, grab some lunch, and then Pick up Tucker and go home. By the time I got them down for naps I was tired myself. Ever have one of those days when you feel like you need a nap? Today was one of them! :-)
  • The rest of the day has been pretty un-eventful so there is my story about my 1st time to help in Pipers class. It was a fun comical day that is for sure!!!!!
Till next time, Heather

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some of my other Bella Cards

I made this card for my Good Friend, and downline Emily after they found out they were pregnant. Sadly she had a miscarriage soon after, but the good news is now they are trying again, and I have lots of Pregnant Bella's so I can make her a lot more cards once they are Pregnant again :-)

  • So far I have been coloring all my Bella's and Lilly and Billy's with my SU Markers. The work great for me. A lot of people use Prisma Color, or Copic Markers, but at this point I have to stick with my SU markers.
The background had diaper pins, and stars all over it. Then I stamped a Happy Waiting sentiment one the sides of the Bella and her Fella
Here is one of the Light Brown Hair Super Mommy Bella Cards. Read below on the Bella of all Bella's Post to see where I got this idea, and how I made this card. It is copy write Lauren Meader from her My Time blog. I changed it up some and made my own versions, but the original idea came from a card she made. You can make them for your own use, but do not use it for publication, or contests. One of the Dark Brown Hair Super Mommy Cards

TeachaBella Card

  • You have to read the first Post about Bella's before this one! There are a few Bella Posts.
  • Here are a few of the other Bella Cards I have made.

This first Bella Card I made 2 of One for Piper's Kindergarten Teacher, and one for Her Kindergarten Teachers Aide. At the Top I took a picture of the Teacher punched it out with a circle punch and used a sticker from SU Simply Scappin Pack Primary Colors that said a cut above the rest, A cut above the rest.... all around the circle. It looked like a life preserver around the picture kind of framing it. Then I stamped and colored a TeachaBella and a SuperWomanaBella . I typed My Teacher, and My Hero on the Computer printed it out then punched them out with the Designer Label, and the Large Star Punches. I used the Classic Stars Jumbo wheel to do the bottom of the card. I distressed the card with Silver, and Buckaroo Blue.

"The Bella of all Bella Cards"

I took this idea from Lauren Meader's Site, changed it up a bit to make it my own way and then
I made 12 of these cards for all the very special ladies in our life's, Mom's, Grandma's, Aunts/Sister in Law's, and close Friends. It took me so long to make 12 of them that people did not get their cards until almost Father's Day (since I did not order the Bella's until Mother's Day and then they had to ship and come from Canada) In fact I still have one to give away (love you Paula!!!!!) You can go to Laurens Blog at this address to get right to the page she used to showcase her card she made for her Mother's Birthday
For each card I chose the Bella's that matched that person, like a few people had 2 babies close together in age so they got a DoubleStrollerBella with two babies in a stroller, and some women liked scrap booking so they got the scrap booking tote, ect.. ect.. Every Bella had the hair color of the person who it was for, We had Red Head Bella's, and Brown haird Bella's, and Light Blondie Bella's, and Dark Blond Bella's. It was fun to make the cards! I could not find polka dot paper with the right colors so I bought black paper with white polka dots and colored the polka dots the main 8 colors I used on the cards. I punched out the Bella's with my 1 3/8" circle punch, and the Colored Card Stock with my 1 1/2" circle punch. I did all the coloring with my SU markers. A lot of people use Primsa Color or Copic's but I used what I had, and it turned out pretty good I think.
If you want to see where I got the Bella's and see all the different ones, (I think she has over 100 Bella's) go to this address: http://www.stampingbella.com/
If a person had more than the 13 Bella's that fit them I added a few to the inside of the Card. This particular card I made for myself! After all that work and detail You Bet I thought I deserved one to!

On the top inside of the Card I wrote the Steps out for them then at the bottom put

"You are a Mommy, You are a Super Woman!!"

  • I found out about Bella Cards on Laurens web blog. She made this card for her mother and did 13 Bella's in different walks of a Mothers Life. I fell in love with the Bella's. This was around Mother's Day so I had convinced my DH to let me order some Bella's for Mother's Day. I think I ended up with around 20 (it was a good Mother's Day gift!!!!)

Some Lilly and Billy Cards from Pink Cat Studio

This first image is a card I made 3 of for My Husband, My Father In Law, and my Brother in Law before Wheat Harvest started this summer. I used
Brayer technique and emboss resist to keep the wheat the golden color and yet be able to brayer over it the sky, dirt, and grass. Each piece of wheat was stamped 2 times to do the background, and then the outline, It was a fun card to make. I was actually inspired to do this card after I saw MacKenzie Bruckler http://midnightscramper.blogspot.com/
do a card with what Lilly's room might look like on her blog.
I made this card to give some of the girls I went to Nursing School with because we have been RN's for 10 years now! The nurses hats and the 10 years were stamped and embossed.
I did not make this card, one of my good friends, and SU Downline's Emily made this card for Willow's Birthday this summer. She is the one that first told me about Pink Cat Studio http://www.pinkcatstudio.blogspot.com/ , and Lilly and Billy Stamps This card I made 7 of for Fathers Day for all the Father's, and Grandfathers, and Great Grandfathers in our lives. Billy was is on shimmery silver paper but that does not show up on the scan. Well I just have to post these super cute Dress Up Stamp sets I have been using. They are from the Dress Up Lilly, and Dress Up Billy Series on Pink Cat Studio. She has created so many cool accessories for them I can not wait to make more!!!